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I would like to extend a huge thanks to Jeremy Tilston and all the people on his Facebook group as his "students of the little disc" group has been a massive aid and help in finding infomation and images for discs. He has a PDF directory of disc infomation available without images which was a great help and I recommend having a look at.

This website is made and maintained completely in my spare time such as on weekends and after work so I apologise in advance for any downtime and bugs as I am no professional and this is hobby project for me.

Most MiniDiscs which have no model number, will be marked as MD60, MD74 or MD80, as most discs have this notation on the packaging somewhere also having all discs assigned at least a simple model number aids searching and prevents conflicts and issues internally.

In terms of multipacks, any pack with more than one MiniDisc or cleaning disc will be classed as a multipack and any packs which have a mixture of formats with a MiniDisc included will be classed as a multipack even if only one MiniDisc is in the pack this may also be applied to some promotional packs such as sampler packs with a blank disc included. Blister packs with a singular MiniDisc, will not be classed as a multipack and will be given a seperate record to the sealed disc they contain unless the contained disc is not in seperate packaging in these cases, a seperate record for that disc will not be made, unless that disc was also available in some other packaging, similarly discs in a multipack which are not in seperate packaging will also not be given their own record unless they were also available in some other packaging, in which are record of that disc in the other packaging will be made. This is done to avoid many listings without model numbers of effectively 'unsealed discs' as many multipacks contained discs in just slip cases, or in blank white paper packaging with no model markings.

In terms of regional variants, they will only usually be given seperate entries if they have different models numbers, except in special cases where there is a major enough difference in the packaging, to warrant seperate entries for different regional versions of a disc.