Terms and Notes on Image Submissions


By submitting an image(s) you agree and give permission for that/those image(s) to be uploaded to the website's server or CDN and for that/those image(s) to be displayed anywhere on the website in any form, you also agree that the image(s) may displayed or edited with manipulations to better suit the layout and form of the website such as but not limited to; rotations and cropping as well as aspect ratio and resolution changes. Also you agree that by submitting an image(s) it does not guarantee that that/those images(s) will actually be used or displayed on the website, also it does not guarantee that the image(s) will be permanently displayed on the website as in the presence of a more suitable image(s) being submitted those may be used instead and as a result the image(s) you submit could be removed from being displayed on the site, however, you agree that the image(s) may be kept on the website’s server or CDN for reference or in the case in which that the image(s) may be used again in a potentially different context. Also, by submitting you agree that you are the owner of the submitted image(s) or acting on behalf of the owner of the image(s) and you agree that your name may be used as a/the source of the submitted image(s). You agree that your submitted image(s) may be used for marketing or promotional material for the website including but not limited to: social media posts, digital advertisements and posters.